Nice tan

January 14, 2010 1 comment

On wednesday a work collegue asked if I’d been away and forgotten to put in suncream! Hence the blog title.

I was a little naughty wedneday and didn’t put any tretotin on! I just had enough, my face was sore, scaly and dry, just using the face wash hurt so I decided to rebel 🙂 interestly I still woke up with a dry flaky face. I had assumed that the tretonin was causing the over night peel but clearly not, however, a one day break did visibly reduce the redness. I have also only been putting exfoderm on every other day but I have not noticed that having any effect and now I feel a little guilty that only weeks from the end I am starting to cut corners. So as of yesterday I am back on all products till the end, (must go get more tretonin as i am about to run out).

I have to admit it has been more of a psycological struggle then I thought it would be, I think that is largely due to the fact that things did not improve after week 6 and that has really knocked me. If i had expected 3 months of red, peely, sore skin I am sure i would been fine but the dissapointment of at week 9 still going through all the dryness and flakiness and redness is just a tad demoralising but hey ho I will push on and there are parts that are doing much better so it’s not so bad. 🙂

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Keep peeling

January 10, 2010 4 comments

Took two days off from the Exfoderm (started again today) was nice to have a little break, helped reduce the redness but still peeling lots. Think peeling is down predominately to the  Tretonin as when I wake up in the morning is when I have the most peeling and since increasing the Tretonin the peeling has also increased. 

Morning before Obagi

dry skin


After Obagi products have been applied


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Cuts and scratches

January 7, 2010 1 comment

So not sure if it is because I skipped the Exfoderm yesterday but I am sure I was looking a little less red than normal and not peeling as much 🙂 Today I have returned to the usual bright red, have got hot flushes and now at the end of the day I am pretty flaky; but it is ok because I know tomorrow I get another day off, which is great as I am going to the theatre and I will hopefully look reasonably normal 🙂

Need to cut nails asap, skin is so sensitive I managed to give myself a little scratch under my eye whilst washing face and then last night – don’t ask me how- but i somehow cut my chin with my finger nail!!

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Time for a change

January 5, 2010 2 comments

I got a call from my consultant today who rang to give me some advice after reading my last blog post 🙂  – ah the power of the internet – I had been thinking about arranging an appointment so the fact that she called was excellently timed and very much appreciated. I am so grateful that I have someone on hand who is taking such an active role in helping me through this, the call and advice made me feel much better and has given me an extra boost at just the right time.

The first thing she said was to reduce the use of the Exfoderm Forte to every other day, this should help reduce peeling and redness. I know a few of you have already suggested this but I am quite stubborn and wanted to stick to the regime exactly, however, I will now go ahead and take the advice. I am actually quite excited, tomorrow will be by first day in 8 weeks without Exfoderm and I am interested to see what effect it will have cutting it down.

The second thing which I think is key to my progress is that I am clearly not using enough of each product in particular the Tretinoin, apparently by around week 6 – 40 days to be precise – the 20g tube should be finished. As my consultant clearly pointed out, if every evening you are using half a gram by day 40 it should all be gone; I am on day 47 and still have about a quarter of the tube left! Therefore this evening, instead of squeezing out a thin line of cream I was a tad more generous and created a fat little sausage. I also did the same for the Clear Cream, because if I measured it wrong for one thing I obviously did it wrong for all. The Tretinoin is the bit that penetrates deep down and helps develop the new clearer, softer skin, so hopefully by increasing that it should really help clear out the remaining few stubborn spots that are still lingering….I am excited 🙂

Wow I just went back to the start of the blog and saw my photo, my skin may be red and peeling but it is so much better, the huge spots have gone, wondering how i ever lived with them at all???

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Nearing week 8 and no sign of stopping

January 4, 2010 2 comments

Tomorrow I will be starting week 8 of the course and neither the redness nor the peeling appears to be dying down. The redness has been a consistent pink for the last few weeks; I even got asked if I had been skiing over Christmas as it looked like I had caught the sun so that gives you some idea of what it looks like. The redness i can live with but the dryness and peeling just seems to be never ending! It is also all over the face still, chin area is the worst but everywhere else is stil dry and flaky, even my eyelids! I don’t think the bitter cold whether is helping but I am starting to give up hope that it will ever stop until I stop using the products. I intend to carry on till the end of the 3 months – only 5 weeks left – but right now I have no desire to carry on the treatment beyond that. However, I will finish by saying that overall I have noticed a fantastic improvement in my skin, I hardly get any spots, in fact in last couple of weeks I can remember only one but it disappeared as quickly as it cames and when the skin isn’t dry and peeling I can see the smooth texture underneath, so I am sure it is worth it 🙂

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Time to carry on

December 29, 2009 2 comments

Ok I had a moment but it’s time to pull myself together and get on with it. It’s still red, it’s still peeling all over and it has started to sting again when I put products but for all my talk I would never give up, I’m stubborn like that and I’m half way through, what’s another 6 weeks!
Hardest parts are morning when peeling is at it’s most severe and if I ever take shower during middle of day. A shower in morning or evening can be followed by obagi treatment but if I have shower after a gym session and my face gets wet, it dries out instantly and I don’t know what to put on it to relieve the dryness… Not pleasant.

I will get there tomorrow is week 7 and I am sure it has to die down sometime soon, plus everyone -family, boyfriend, everyone online- has been so supportive it gives the added boost and incentive to carry on…. 🙂

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Over it

December 27, 2009 2 comments

Ok I am getting bored of this now, bored and frustrated it and dis-heartened by it all. I am nearer the end of week 6 and I see no improvement in the peeling and dryness, yes the skin itself is doing a lot better but what is the point when it is hidden behind red, flaky, dry, sore skin. Rather than appearing to be at the end of the first stage it just seems to be getting worse and it sore 😦 I wake up each morinng with peeling all over face, skins red, dry and hurts, plus I have managed to crack my lips 😦 I am losing patience and just want to get this bit over with, return to a normal skin colour and for the peeling to stop….how much longer do I hold on for?

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